Online Personal Training

Online personal training is easy and affordable!


Sign up today to receive customized exercise programs, meal plans, and ongoing communication with online personal training.  Gerard Brennen, an experienced and knowledgeable Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist creates specialized training programs just for you, customized to your unique goals and lifestyle!

Finding time to meet with a knowledgeable trainer can be very hectic and sometimes impossible. Flexibility is an issue. With online personal training, you can complete your workouts anytime you choose and there will always be open lines of communication through the app and video conferences.

Accountability is also a unique advantage with online personal training.  This is done through the ongoing communication with text messages through the Brennen Fitness smartphone app, phone calls, or video conferencing.

Online personal training is affordable and convenient with Brennen Fitness.  You get direct access to a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) who has over 10 years of experience training elite and casual athletes, as well as personal training for the average person looking to transform their bodies and achieve their unique goals.  Think of it this way, you’ve got your own personal trainer in your pocket.  It’s like having your own private fitness coach!


Not everyone can afford a personal trainer, especially if you are planning on training frequently throughout the week. Online personal training is much more affordable, only charging you a flat rate regardless of how many times per week you plan on training.

Ongoing Communication

The lines of communication are always open with your online personal trainer.  Do you have a busy schedule and want your sessions to be short and quick?  Want to run a 5K?  Not sure of where to start and have lots of questions? Let Gerard know!  He will work to answer all of your questions and customize a program to fit your lifestyle!

Access to a Qualified Professional

Regardless of where you are, you can work with a qualified personal trainer. Gerard Brennen, owner and trainer, is experienced and available to you! He can help you accomplish your goals and answer your questions! You can do it through the Brennen Fitness smartphone app, text, call or video call through Google hangouts.

Motivation and Accountability

Online personal training provides accountability and motivation through periodic feedback and monitoring of your progress. Your trainer will help you to reach your goals by ensuring that your customized program fits your lifestyle and needs so that you want and look forward to your workouts.

Track Progress

Seeing progress can be very motivational. Online personal training provides you with many tools and resources to help you track your progress. Uploading progress pictures, measurements, and logging a food diary are a few of the many features used to track progress.

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