Navigating “Health” Products? Meagan’s Advice!


Navigating “Health” Products

We’ve all been there… one day you’re scrolling through FB, minding your own business, when you see it – a “transformation photo”. WOW – in 6 months this person has completely changed their appearance, dropped xx lbs, feels great, and owes it all to product “X”. You should do it too!! But should you??

As a dietitian, one of the phrases I hear VERY often from the people who walk through my doors – “I just saw / heard / read about “X”. Should I use / take it?” There are TONS of products how there – how in the world are you supposed to know which one (if any) are for you?!? Or do you even need them? No wonder it’s confusing to try and be “healthy”!

So, here’s how I generally approach this question:

  • Where did you hear about it? Is the source reputable?
  • Are their claims realistic? (i.e. if it sounds too good to be true, than it probably is… otherwise many of the health issues that plague our society would not be an issue!
  • Does it encourage / incorporate healthy lifestyle changes?
  • Are there any dangers / concerns / cautions against using the product?

Depending on how those questions are answered, then, it may be appropriate to proceed further with more consideration for the product. If any of those questions have a “negative” answer, then I would automatically stop right there, and I would discourage use of the product.

Now, let me fill you in on MY little theory… this is not scientific, but I truly believe in it… you ready? If a person finds a product that “complies” with the above questions and they truly BELIEVE in it and COMMIT to it 110% than, regardless of what the product is, they have a good chance at experiencing success!! Crazy right??!

WHY?? Let me give you a few reasons:

  • They made a change!!
  • They will likely experience (what I like to call) “the ripple effect” meaning they make a change, see a positive effect, which inspires another change, see more positive effects, which inspires more changes – so on and so forth until their life looks radically different! And it all started with using the product (but really it was their lifestyle changes that made the drastic difference!).
  • They experienced a POSITIVE! Positivity by itself can change a person’s life!

So, if you come across a product that makes you excited, that you truly believe in, and you want to commit to and you feel fully informed and knowledgeable about the product – than it might be helpful for you! Will you also need to implement healthy lifestyle practices in order to be successful and truly transform your health? YES you ALWAYS will! If you do not want or have the money to spend on that product, can you still be successful without it? ABSOLUTELY! Because, in the end, being healthy is not achieved by any product that you take but by being COMMITTED, PERSISTENT, POSITIVE, and most importantly, BELIEVING in what you are doing.