Adventure Athlete, Adam Edwards


It was an honor to interview my cousin, Adam Edwards. He is an passionate adventure athlete, currently perfecting his kayaking skills.  I wanted to interview him and gain some of his insight on the sport and discuss the common issues he encounters in regards the the lack of diversity in adventure sports.

Adam Said, “Well I would say that the issue of diversity in the sport is complicated. There are a couple ways to look at it. Opportunity, access, and interest are all key. But of those, opportunity and access are pretty big. The sport is cost and time Inhibited.  It takes years to get very good, although a season of paddling will get you to a point of enjoyment. The perception of danger in the sport keeps folks out too. We also don’t see many examples of skilled people of color in media, so we have no point of reference.”
Listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud. Follow the link below.