Where Does IT Go When Losing Weight?

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Where does fat go when you lose weight?

When your metabolism is working efficiently, your fat is converted to carbon dioxide and water.   The only way out of your body is by exhaling and urinating. Most of it is comes out as carbon dioxide through your lungs, the rest as urine.  

Can you lose fat cells?  

Yes and Know.  The fat cells in your body are continuously dying an regenerating, maintaining roughly the same amount throughout your lifespan.

Why is it important to teach children good eating habits?

When you lose weight, they simply shrink.  You develop the amount of fat cells you will carry through adulthood as a child. Your body maintains the same amount of cells throughout your life.   This is why it it very important to teach children to develop good eating habits. Make sure you children are not sedentary and have health eating habits.

Why are you so hungry when you lose weight?

When you lose weight or your fat cells shrinks, they send out signals to be filled again. Our bodies need fat, which is why it is very difficult to lose weight.  Hormones such as leptin and estrogen are released by fat cells, telling your body to eat.

What are the different types of fat cells?

Brown Fat

The purpose of brown fat is to burn calories in order to generate heat. They help us burn not store calories. As we age from infancy, brown fat decreases.  

How do we get more brown fat?

You develop more brown fat by exercising, which converts white-yellow fat cells into brown fat cells.

White Fat

White fat is the predominant form of fat in the human body.  White fat provides the largest source of energy reserves, its a thermal insulator, and cushion for the organs.  It is also a major organ, producing estrogen and leptin, both of which regulate appetite. White fat also has receptors for insulin, growth hormone, adrenaline, and cortisol.

The Problem with With White Fat.

Too much white fat cause metabolic syndrome, which causes heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  

How much white fat Should you carry throughout life?

Men 15-25 %

Women 15-30 %

How do you generate white fat?

Eating too much calories or expanding too few calories.