Why a Food Journal?

One of the key components to a successful weight loss program or healthy eating is keeping a food journal.  Writing down every snack and sip that you consume will help to keep you accountable. There are many more benefits, which should make a big difference.

Weight loss

Keeping a food journal can help you identify eating habits that are preventing you from losing weight or improving your health.  We usually forget about the little things we snack on during the day, which contribute to the extra calories.

Food Intolerance

Many times food intolerances contribute to inflammation and digestive issues, which also put a halt on healthy eating habits. Keeping a food journal helps you to  identify foods that are causing problems.

Portions Sizes

Many times we are not aware of how much we are eating until we actually right it down. Food Journals help you to control portion sizes, especially when going out to eat or on road trips.  

Balanced Diet

Eating a variety of foods is also a keep component of healthy eating. Food journals help you to incorporate more variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet.  You will also be able to identify what foods you need more and less of.


Sometimes our environment or mood can trigger certain eating habits. Social events, life events, friendships, or even our physical surroundings can trigger eating habits.  Writing down the circumstances surrounding our eating habits can help to identify those triggers.


With today’s technology, keeping a food journal can be very easy and accurate. There are numerous smartphone apps that can help you keep track. However, there is nothing wrong with old fashioned pen and paper.  For some people, writing it down helps them to internalize the habit changing practice. Also, you do not need to keep a food journal indefinitely. You can simply use it to identify your eating habits and make changes from there.  I recommend a 2-4 week food journal, which should help you to create healthier eating habits.

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