Sheila is an amazing inspiration. She overcame hypothyroidism and transformed her body. Hypothyroidism is a serious autoimmune disease that effects millions of people all over the world and many are not diagnosed. Listen to this podcast to learn Sheila’s insight and what she did to change her life.

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In our last episode, Dr. Nick Fanning boldly said that he would start getting back into shape. That was his way of showing the audience that if he can do it, anyone can do it. We gave a very powerful motivational talk and we continued it in this episode, following with what Dr Nick has been able to accomplish in the past few weeks.  He basically said, “look how much he has accomplished in just a few weeks. Imagine what you could have accomplished if you started too.”  Watch the video to learn more about motivation and accountability.   

It’s the new year and there is going to be a tremendous amount people feeling extra motivated to get in shape. People will choose to participate in trendy fitness programs hoping to transform their bodies and health.  How do you make sure are participating in the right activity?  There are many things to consider.  Think about what motivates you?  Are you motivated by participating in groups?  Do you prefer to exercise on your own?  Do you like the comrade of a group setting?  Do you want to form new and meaningful relationships?  Do you need individualized training?  Can you afford it in the long term? These are a few of the question you must ask your self before choosing an activity.