DSC_0116I started training with Gerard soon after I had my first baby, with little previous weight-lifting experience.  He made workouts fun and simple and knew just how hard to push me.  It was not long before I was seeing serious results!  Gerard is very knowledgeable and generous with that knowledge.  I went from being totally self-conscious in the gym to feeling comfortable using all the equipment and confident in my form and ability.  Gerard is also super encouraging and definitely promotes a positive body image.  I credit Gerard with helping me to truly embrace my natural build and to strive to become the best version of myself.


IMG_1944Gerard Brennan is an excellent trainer. Our journey started out as a dream and has become reality and existence. We started out with Gerard training my daughter as an Olympic lifter. Alexis qualified for nationals at the age 15 years old. He increased her lifts by 22 kg. She received third place in all her events and overall.  She received third place in the nation for her weight and age group. His programs were amazing for her, and he made her work hard to achieve her goal. 

He is the one who mentioned to me to start body building and wanted me to compete in a figure class. This was very new to me being in such a small town. We started training, and goals were reached. I placed third in novice, 4th in open tall, and 5th in figure 40+. 

Gerard is very compassionate, goal oriented, hard worker. My advice for anyone training with him is trust your spotter, they are the ones that pick you up after you have fallen. In weight lifting everyone will have highs, lows and days you want to quit. Don’t quit!! Be the women that everyone talks about!! Gerard will make sure you reach your goals!! 



Brennan’s boot camp has helped me to maintain a fitness level which has allowed me to remain competitive in my triathlon races. His knowledge of physical fitness, nutrition and mental attitudes were essential to my success. The camaraderie makes the workouts fun and the hour seems to fly by.